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Brake lever & clutch

Adjustable brake levers | Adjustable clutch levers

Our motorcycle brake levers and clutch levers radiate a fashionable-sporty style and are excellent to touch. The multi-adjustable levers can be settled even with one hand while driving; for each hand the perfect ergonomics.

All our motorcycle gear levers are developed at our location in South Germany in Breisach according to German safety standards. They are milled from high-strength aluminum, and they (almost) all have an ABE (General Operating Licence). Here you still get precision levers for more safety while driving.

Lever-type 'synto':
At this type of motorbike brake and clutch lever, you can choose between a short or a long lever length. The long gear lever version has a predetermined breaking point as standard.

Lever-type 'syntoEvo':
This type of motorcycle brake and clutch lever, however, has from the outset two different sizes of end pieces included in the delivery which can be screwed on and replaced at any time. Short or long motorbike brake and clutch levers — you decide spontaneously what you prefer.

Lever-type 'syntoRace':
The type syntoRace is an extremely short "1-finger motorcycle lever" which is particularly suitable for very sporty drivers.

All our brake and clutch levers for motorcycles can be individually adjusted to your hand size 6-fold. In addition, they are available in many modern colour combinations (lever & adjuster).

By the way:
Concerning more security, we also offer a compatible lever protector. And for the sportive driver a remote adjuster (syntoEvo and syntoRace).
Type synto
Type syntoEvo
Type syntoRace
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