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Clip-on bar

Adjustable clip-on bar "multiClip" with unique steering tube bend for optimal fine adjustment.

Here you will find a wide range of individually adjustable clip-on bars for motorcycle models with Ø 22.2 mm and 1-inch handlebar armatures. It does not matter if you are looking for a motorcycle handlebar for touring, for a sporty ride or for racing; here we have clip-on bars for standpipe diameter: 36 mm, 38.5 mm, 39 mm, 41 mm, 43 mm, 45 mm, 48 mm, 49 mm, 50 mm, 51 mm, 53 mm, 55 mm and 58 mm. Thus, among them, there are also clip-on bars Cafe Racers, Naked Bikes, and other custom bikes, for example.

Depending on your body type and your personal driving style the tubes and clamps of our "multiClips" can be rotated in all directions by 360°, stepless variable to any position and therefore, individually adjusted. This makes this motorcycle clip-on almost infinitely customizable - for your personal preferred seating comfort.

With a clip-on bar conversion, you achieve an increase in the handlebar area, in particular. Depending on the type of the adjustable clip-on bar and the motorbike model these increases may vary; clip-on bar multiClip Sport | clip-on bar multiClip Tour | clip-on bar raceClip. Depending on the model the clip-on can also be set lower, if necessary.

Special feature:
The steering tube is not a conventional one. It is at 3° crooked. Thus, you can adjust the "multiClip" even more individual to you. Due to this bend, you gain additional leeway in height adjustment: here in the grip area. That reveals a further advantage concerning the seating comfort! This handlebar cranking is so far unique in the German motorcycle clip-on bar market and therefore, it deserves to be mentioned.

A multiple clamping on the fork ensures maximum safety. Our clip-on bars "multiClips" are tested and certified to the highest safety standards. They all have a part certificate! So you can feel safe when you're on your way.
Type multiClip Sport
Type multiClip Tour
Type raceClip
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