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ABM ergonomic style | Press releases

We are delighted that you show interest in our press releases. Your contact person for further information, Logo, pictures, and product test is: Ms. T. Bischoff | Email:
ABM History
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About the company ABM
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Individually adjustable clip on bar
ABM multiClip KITs
D-Breisach, 12th March 2019 Those who often undertakes long tours with their motorcycle will welcome it to get a relief of neck and wrists. And particularly this topic is one of the core competencies of the German motorcycle accessory manufacturer. Therefore, ABM has developed a clip on handlebar, which can be adapted to the driver in many ways.
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ABM multiClip: Individually adjustable clip on bar (628.35K)
Superbike conversion KIT
Sportive relaxation
D-Breisach, 29th Jan 2019 For numerous motorbike model types the German motorcycle accessory specialist ABM offers practical complete solutions for handlebar conversions.
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Superbike handlebar conversion KITs (297.00K)
Clip on handlebar 'raceClip'
Further sizes are planned!
D-Breisach, 06th Nov 2018 While the existing clamps of the ‘raceClip’ can only be mounted on forks with a diameter of 50 and 55 mm, the motorcycle part producer ABM now plans to expand the size range from January 2019.
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ABM clip on handlebar - further sizes are planned! (409.89K)
Husquvarna Vitpilen 401 & 701
Superbike conversion and much more...
D - Breisach, 25th July 2018 Prolific German parts and accessory designer and manufacturer ABM has developed a Superbike kit, replacing the originalhandlebar with a higher and slightly wider aluminium Superbike handlebar.
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Conversion of Vitpilen 401 & 701 (1.14M)
Handlebar broadening 'largo'
The "big buddy" of motorcycle bar ends
D-Breisach, 02nd July 2018 Those, who consider an enlargement of their motorcycle handlebar in order to gain more width for the seating position or to mount additional accessories, will now indulge these desires by the handlebar broardening of the South German manufacturer ABM.
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ABM torque tube extension (399.95K)
Motorcycle lever protections
ABM 'leverSafe'
D - Breisach, 7th June 2018 The German motorcycle accessories manufacturer now offers high-grade lever protections with integrated handlebar ends.
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ABM leverSafe (537.33K)
Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade 2017
Customized Honda CBR 1000 RR Fiteblade
D - Breisach a. R. / 6th July 2017 German manufacturer ABM now offers a full range of motorbike parts for the new Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade, year 2017.
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Motorcycle accessories Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade 2017 (449.77K)
Footrest system for custombikes
D-Breisach a.R. /18th May 2017 Tinkerer bear in mind: ABM now offers a new footrest system which is universally to use and adjustable. Retro look included.
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Universally footrest system for custombike in retro look (207.65K)
Suzuki GSX-R 1000 / 2017
Suzuki GSX-R 1000 - New accessories
D-Breisach a. R. / 11th April 2017 Suzuki has just launched a new motorcycle and the German manufacturer ABM offers model-specific accessories, already.
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Motorcycle parts for Suzuki GSX-R 1000 from 2017 (0.99M)
Accessories - Bonneville Bobber
License plate holder - Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2017-
'Styled downside' – now available for Triumph Bonneville Bobber

D-Breisach a. R. / 09th March 2017 The German manufacturer ABM now offers a side-mountable and multiple adjustable license plate holder for the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2017. Brand: WUNDERKIND-Custom.
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License plate holder Bonneville Bobber (473.04K)
Illuminated Grip ends
Illumination of motorcycle grip ends
D-Breisach, 27th Sept 2016 Small investment – big impact; With the combination of the motorcycle sGrips of ABM and the turn signal of motoGadgetthe bar ends can be illuminated interesting and effectively.
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Motorcycle grip ends - illuminated (257.26K)
Motorbike mirror epo
Exchangeable protection part
Mirror with swap-out housing

D-Breisach a. R. / 1st July 2016 German parts and accessory designer ABM is offering a mirror housing exchange programme for cases where the housing has been damaged or scratched, but the mirror glass is still okay.
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Motorcycle mirror called mirror (397.12K)
Red Dot Award 2016
Winner Product Design 2016
Breisach, 14.06.2016 The ‚varioRiser‘ of the German accessory specialist ABM triumphs in Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016
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Motorcycle riser wins Red Dot Design Award 2016 (227.66K)
Motorcycle Parts - new catalogue
Breisach, 26th April 2016 The new catalogue of the German motorcycle accessories manufacturer ABM is available now: It consists of 170 pages, is written in two languages, shows the expanded range of premium parts for bikes and can be ordered free of charge on the company's new website.
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Motorcycle accessories - booklet (233.34K)
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